Backstage photo of last week shooting*. Hung out with my special being & friend @noematiger after a week@end spent together at the #femmefataleitalia . Check her out, she is quite an extrordinaire performer & life observer! *for my book project (with Alessandra Tisato) #erikazfigabomba #figabombananadventure #performer #artist #noematiger
Broken cilinder. Deserted highways. An adventurous day, heading south. #day1 #islandlife ⚓️🌅
Preview of my Book-project. Work in progress. 
Model: Manko 
Photography & Copyrights:
London. 2014
Printed on canvas and exposed at the 1st italian Femme fatale event last week end.
'By the Horns'
Model: Beatrix VS aka Charlie SG
Photography & Copyrights:
One a serie.
Model: Gunner 
Photography & Copyrights:
One of a serie. 
Model: Arwen
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South. Spring. 2014
One of serie.
Model: Saria
Photography & Copyrights:
South Europe. 2014
Going through some of my work i shot for my (upcoming) photographic book as i am going to attend the 1st italian edition of the Femme Fatale. Femme Fatale is a non profit DIY female collective (Born in London) whose aim is to endorse the feminine world through the contemporary art scene. Lucky enough to have been invited to the 1st italian FF event which will take place in the north/east side of the country. A two days event (july 18-19) full of amazing artists, performers, designers, djs, dancers from all over the country.
If you are interested on reading more about it here is their FB link: A special thanks to my dear friend Designer Barbara D’ Altoe for curating the entire event (See her amazing designs made of tyres&recycled materials: and @venomblackbird for being an empowered & truely inspiring being, the type of female gender which are going to be celebrated in my book (working alongside with my photographer friend Alessandra Tisato) #erikazfigabomba #figabombananadventure #photography #real #women #truestory
Isn’t maternal love the purest of all human feelings? Took some photographs of a dear friend holding her 8 month pregnant belly while her wonderful daughter is trying to imitating the mother. Shooting for the book project me & Alessandra (aka Albertine / Banana) are working on. Soon more details will be revealed. #erikazfigabomba #figabombananadventure #book #women #truestory

Just finished editing one of my fave work i shot recently. As it is going to be submit to a magazine i can’t spoil it to much. And yet i wanted to share one with y’all (cropped image)
 Model: Summer Doom 
Photography & Copyrights:
Magazine Pubblication (one of a serie)
Page-spread (mid) 
Photography & Copyrights:
Styling: (Uruguay)
Tattoo Planet. Holland.